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Alphabet Series

The English Alphabet & the Bible


A basic understanding for non-students of Hebrew or Greek, or anyone interested in knowing more about the words they encounter in the Bible.

A view of God establishing His people as distinct from other nations and false worship by giving them their own alphabet and language.

A basic review for non-students of Hebrew and Greek, or anyone interested in knowing more about words they encounter in the Bible.

Discovering how primitive Hebrew pictograms migrated into the English language bringing the essence and richness to the English scriptures.

What Is Included

Tuition Options: $60 or $100 – Includes Downloadable Student Workbook

  • 8 lessons

  • 1 Class per week requiring 3-5 hours of study and research weekly

  • Collaborative, team-based work

  • Tuition Course 01: $60 for Independent Study -  Available On Demand

  • Tuition Course 02: $100 for scheduled & Interactive Study with MRI Teaching Team (Coming Soon!)

  • Tuition Includes Downloadable Student Workbook & Study Materials

  • Tuition Due in Full


For those who study or present the Bible to others, including small groups, friends, and family.

Church Windows


01:  Independent Study for individual personal development. Available On-Demand. Includes link to the course and required study materials.


02: (COMING SOON) Interactive Study with others and the MRI Teaching Team. This option requires enrollment at specific times of the year. Includes link to the course and required study materials, with additional interactive sessions scheduled throughout the course.


  • This is not an academic, definitive volume on the entire history and language-trees of the Hebrew and English alphabets.

  • This is not a course on reading and writing the Hebrew language.

  • This is not intended as a primary source regarding the development of Hebrew, Phoenician, Greek, and Latin as spoken and written languages.

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