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Ministry Leadership

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This Experiential-Learning course implements (not duplicates) the same methods and collaboration with MRI Instructors, Teaching Associates, and students as found in MRI’s Certificate of Bible Mastery course. A capstone project and presentation on an assigned subject is required at the conclusion of the coursework.

This 25-lesson course is offered through MRI’s Extension Learning Initiative and begins in September.

What Is Included

  • 25 lessons

  • Course is instructor led, study weekly at a time you choose. Prepare for 3-5 hours of study and research.

  • Collaborative: Attend scheduled online group collaboration sessions with your instructor, other students, and MRI Teaching Associates.

  • Tuition: $1250 (includes downloadable workbook and all collaboration sessions, and Certificate Award for completion)

  • Certificate of Ministry Leadership award for successful course completion


Ministry Resources International’s second-level training course is focused on effective and catalytic leadership for upper-levels of ministry and designed for those who want to develop and lead well within their organizations, churches, projects, or initiatives.

Prerequisite: Must Complete MRI’s Bible Mastery Course

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